It's the Little Things

Let us help you with the boring stuff.


We often find that SOLIDWORKS users are really good at using the software to design things and create data. But these same successful users are not always the best at the less sexy task of managing that data and all of the other information inherent to CAD. We've made it our crusade to change that.

There will come a time when CAD Application and Data management will become as natural as modeling to all CAD users, but until then, Converge has devised a CAD Audit program that delivers you some key tools and living documents that neatly organize all of the relevant CAD info for your entire design team.

Performed either on-site or remotely, our CAD Audit gives you the tools to neutralize administrative issues across your whole design team. After our CAD Audit, you will have every important bit of information about your CAD tools, your CAD team, and your CAD assets/data right at your fingertips. The results of this process will make your CAD Admin's jobs much easier. Email us or call us at 877-MY-SW-VAR if you think this is something your company could use.


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Consolidate all CAD-related info (licenses, template locations, users, user-skills, etc.) into one living document that can be wielded by all CAD Admins and anyone else in you company that might need it. Take inventory of all current CAD assets and make educated decisions about continued investment in CAD tools. Discover your design team's strengths, as well as deficiencies, and create a road map for continued education to help create a more well-rounded workforce (SOLIDWORKS Certifications).

Does this sound like something others in your office need to hear about? Download the flyer here and put it on your bulletin board!