With Converge Applications Expert Ben Weir


If you passed the CSWA exam, it's now time to set the bar higher! Join Ben Weir from Converge for a two-part webinar and learn what you need to know to pass the CSWP exam.

In this increasingly competitive job market, the most effective way to differentiate yourself from the crowd is to obtain these certified SOLIDWORKS certifications. We're offering this free two-part CSWP Exam Preparation Course that will challenge you to learn the skills needed to pass the CSWP exam. We believe this course will help our customers prepare and pass the certification. Last year we offered the CSWA prep course and attendees went on to pass the exam at a rate of 88% (compared to the normal pass rate of 65%).

Here is what a few people had to say after attending the CSWA Prep Series:

  • "Great offer, It got me interested in looking into the certification process for the first time.”
  • “This is a very interesting way to talk to customers and even work on user success, by showing them some advanced stuff and motivating users to grow with certification.”

Ben Weir is a superstar Applications Expert at Converge who's passed his CSWA, CSWP, and CSWE exams. As a Product Design college student with lots of experience using SOLIDWORKS and other CAD software to accomplish his Industrial Design tasks, Ben has a unique perspective on these exams. He has designed a two-part CSWP Exam Preparation Course (which took place Aug 14 and Aug 21, 2019) that will challenge you to learn skills needed to pass the CSWP exam. But more importantly, you will learn skills that most SOLIDWORKS users don't learn unless they take and pass these exams.

For those of you on SOLIDWORKS subscription, you are entitled to one free CSWP exam every six months! Take advantage of this valuable benefit of your subscription and get certified for free!