Concept Development

We have the best job in the world—we take ideas and turn them into products that change the way people live and work. And sure, it’s our diverse talent—from industrial design and analysis to manufacturing and SOLIDWORKS—that allow us to deliver reliable, cost effective products for our clients, but it’s our unyielding drive to innovate that truly revolutionizes each product’s design. Just imagine what our team can do for you.

Product Design

The transformation from idea to profitable end product can be filled with a host of difficulties—from mere annoyances to debilitating pitfalls. At Converge, decades of product development experience have taught us how to assess the entire development process in order to boost success. Sure, our engineers are rooted in the fundamentals of electrical & mechanical engineering, but beyond that we understand how to deliver profitable solutions by combining cutting-edge technology with insight that only experience can provide. The proof lies in the successful products we have created in industries such as medical device, industrial machinery, consumer products, and more. From original concepts to reverse engineering, we develop strong relationships with our clients to firmly identify and meet the goals of their product design and development projects.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is two thirds Art and one third Engineering. At Converge we have made a point of contracting a blend of artistic minds to work alongside seasoned professionals who have spent their entire lives making our customers' dreams reality. Most of our projects start with a rough sketch from our customer. Through online meetings and face-to-face brain storming sessions, we then hash out a design that is both beautiful and functional.

Drafting & Model Based Definition

For better or worse, most of the world still relies on 2D drawings for manufacturing. Fortunately Converge has experienced drafters available to ensure your products conform to the strict drawing standards of MIL-STD-100, ANSI Y14.X, and ISO 128.

If you’re looking to impress your clients, let Converge show you how to leverage Model Based Definition (MBD) data to communicate your designs in a way that won’t leave anything to the imagination. MBD is the most exciting thing to happen to the manufacturing world since parametric modelling.

2d - 3d conversion

Approximately 65% of manufacturing data in circulation is still in 2D format. Customers have valid reasons for keeping some of their legacy data in 2D format, but a growing number of customers are having Converge convert their 2D data to 3D models as the demand justifies the extra work. Converge currently contracts several American based engineering/drafting companies to process these conversion projects. Every project is overseen by one of our project managers. Our conversion project managers are Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts and/or Autodesk Certified Professionals, with a minimum of 4 years’ experience.


Let’s face it. In most cases, you don’t have enough money to get your concept all the way to manufacturing without some serious outside investment. In a world where everyone wants everything yesterday, it’s critical to convince your prospects that your future product is everything they want it to be. Let Converge create ultra-realistic photo renderings of your products early in the process, so you can secure funding. Take a look at our portfolio and you’ll be challenged to tell the difference between real product photos and their renderings. (Hint: That motorcycle isn’t real.)