CAD in the Cloud, Today

If you're not familiar with SOLIDWORKS PDM, you should be. We evangelize the SOLIDWORKS PDM product every chance we get because it solves a lot of the issues revolving around managing the data that results from our work as designers and engineers. Duplicate files, missing files, files from mismatched SOLIDWORKS versions, you name it and we've seen it. SOLIDWORKS PDM solves these problems by housing all data in a central file vault with full revision control, and check-in/check-out functionality so that only one user at a time can make changes to any given file. But up until recently, hosting a PDM vault in the Cloud was a pipe dream.

Cloud_IconSOLIDWORKS PDM vaults have typically been implemented on a local server, and SOLIDWORKS users could only access this data if they were in the same physical location as that server. However, 7 years ago, EpiGrid was founded on the notion that the same PDM vault that gets implemented on a local server could be deployed to a Cloud server, giving the user the ability to access the PDM Vault from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Chad Garrish, founder of EpiGrid pioneered this Cloud-hosted infrastructure and began deploying Cloud-hosted PDM vaults through the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) software connection.

All of a sudden, designers were able to access their familiar, trusty PDM vault from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. That means, you can be at a production facility in China making changes to files and passing them through prescribed workflows. Then your team in the States will have those changes immediately available to start designing the packaging or a different aspect of the assembly. The Cloud enables the freedom to use your applications where and when you need them

The solution was perfected over the ensuing years, and now, all of EpiGrid's Cloud-hosting infrastructure runs on SolidBox Tuned servers. Bringing SolidBox in as the hardware provider was a no-brainer, and now you can get the same SolidBox server experience without having to invest the upfront costs associated with a new server. The entire user experience is managed and tuned specifically for each user group. If your company is looking to reduce its IT burden, as well as its CAD hardware footprint, the EpiGrid hosted PDM Vault is the perfect place to start. With instant ROI and increased productivity, our aim is to simplify the ultra-complex tapestry that is your CAD Infrastructure.

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