Importing & Exporting CAD Files

Everything You Need to Know


Eric Spendlove walks us through the best workflows for importing and exporting files into and out of SOLIDWORKS. During this webinar he'll cover the following:

  • Exploring the differences between several highly used types of CAD data as well as some common pitfalls when handling that data.
  • Finding, repairing, and establishing a basic workflow for faulty CAD data.
  • Downstream benefits and increased performance from SOLIDWORKS when your models are built with intelligent (clean) design intent.
  • How 3D Interconnect can make working with other CAD data faster and easier

Eric brings nearly two decades of designing and fabricating experience to the team. Eric is based in Las Vegas where he has become well known in the entertainment industry as a leading designer. His work has been viewed by millions around the globe in large live acrobatic productions and concerts for well-known musicians. He has also designed for top content creating companies. He always has a broad view on what can be done and has never limited his skills and drive to just one industry. Some of his works currently have “Patent Pending” status for orthopedic designs and credit card processing machines.