Converge offers best in class cloud solutions from both Dassault Systems and EpiGrid.  Whether you're looking to host your current CAD solution or ready to go full on SAAS we have you covered.

Hosting Solutions

With our SHaaS delivery of Cloud-based CAD tools, you can continue to use the software you know and love while leveraging the Cloud for your data management scheme, or by utilizing ourCloud-hosted VDI Workstationswithout sacrificing functionality. Solutions provided by Converge (powered by EpiGrid) come with comprehensive managed services to eliminate all the IT overhead.

Managed Solutions

Most customers design products, but are not as well versed in managing the CAD environment. Our CAD Managed services allow our customers to focus on designing products while we ensure that your system is running efficiently.

 As part of our fully managed services, our clients receive enhanced security, save time and money along with decreased IT downtime.


Your server is hosted in a SSAE16 and PCI Compliant, and Safe Harbor Certified Tier 3 data center with 24×7 armed guards, biometric entry points and a minimum VPN encryption of AES128. Our multiple redundancies include a Cisco ASA line of security appliance with a firewall that is in full block mode that acts as a dedicated VPN device. This enables enhanced security and better performance by dedicating resources solely to that function.

Virtual Desktop Instance

Virtual Desktop Instance (VDI) is a fully GPU-enabled Windows 10 CAD workstation in the Cloud. This is a computer powerful enough to design with SOLIDWORKS, that's accessible from anywhere, and safer and more secure than your standard CAD workstation on an office network.  This platform allows companies to host several users on a single virtual server.

Reduce IT Burdens

We are a 100% virtual company offering a scalable cloud solution that empowers your engineering team to work remotely, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver quality products to market faster, while eliminating IT constraints, reducing administrative burdens, and improving security.


Data security is of utmost importance when discussing Cloud solutions, and you can be rest assured that all major compliances are met by our SHaaS-delivered CAD tools. Compliances include:SOC2, SOC3, HIPAA, SSAE 16, PCI, FISMA, Privacy Shield Compliant

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