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Converge Employee Brings Cirque du Soleil Magic to Product Design Using SOLIDWORKS

By Chris Smith | 5/17/2018

Recently, Tim Trainer wrote a SOLIDWORKS blog post on Converge team member Eric Spendlove and his path from designing feats of entertainment with Cirque du Soleil to making real-world products.

Eric Spendlove began his design career by helping a friend with his entertainment production company doing simple design and fabrication. This is where he learned the fundamentals for the props, rigging, and structures needed to support performances.

Your Wingman to CAD in the Cloud

By Tanner Knight | 5/15/2018

In this blog series, we will discuss how SOLIDWORKS users are leveraging the Cloud. The Cloud is one of the cornerstones of Converge, and we've spent years pioneering CAD in the Cloud.

CAD in the Cloud Blog Series

By Tanner Knight | 5/10/2018
CADintheCloudWe are committed to CAD in the Cloud. We've spent a lot of resources developing Cloud-hosted PDM and SOLIDWORKS VDI workstations because we believe in these solutions and have proven them through many real-world applications.
But there's still a lot of confusion about CAD in the Cloud. We aim to clear that up and put all of your fears to rest in our upcoming series. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be pinpointing specific areas of concern with regards to CAD in the Cloud and discussing current solutions while maintaining an eye on the future.

Converge Customer Story: Clear Automation

By Chad Garrish | 5/04/2018

Company that Delivers Excellence in Automating Manufacturing Processes Optimizes Their Own Product Development Environment
Clear Automation is an innovator. Management realized their product development environment was lagging. They found a way to make a big leap forward and embrace the Cloud.

Converge Sees a Cloudy Future...And so Do Gartner and CloudTech

By Tanner Knight | 4/20/2018

Gartner believes that by 2020, a ‘no-Cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-internet’ policy is today.

Cloud computing is moving in. Most people don’t even think about how much they are leveraging the cloud. It is pervasive and for good reason. Businesses have realized they can reduce capital expenditures (CAPx) and IT management headcount while increasing flexibility to respond to business needs. And one of the most significant benefits is stakeholder access to data, which allows them to perform their jobs from anywhere.

SILVER LININGS: Eight Reasons to Move to the Cloud

By Tanner Knight | 3/16/2018

In a recent article posted in the online Dassault Systèmes magazine Compass, they outlined 8 reasons why companies should consider Cloud computing. They also cite a 2017 Gartner Enterprise Strategy Group study that Cloud spending is on the upswing for US companies.

The Compass article states, “More than a third of organizations have a Cloud-first policy where new applications are deployed on a public Cloud platform, unless there’s a compelling case to deploy it on-premise.”

Here are the 8 reasons from the Dassault Systèmes Compass article that companies are looking to the Cloud for computing:

  1. Application-Agnostic
  2. Applications and Updates
  3. Collaboration
  4. Cost Management
  5. Mobility
  6. Scalability
  7. Security
  8. Simplicity

Eight Reasons to Move to the Cloud

In the Dassault Systèmes article, they included survey results from business and technology leaders regarding the most highly valued benefits of the cloud. Although the survey is from 2011, the six benefits cited remain true.

At Converge, we focus on products and services for optimizing the product development environment. This includes solutions such as Mechanical CAD (MCAD), Product Data Management (PDM), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Converge uses a private Cloud implementation which offers all of the advantages mentioned above and provides the added security and control that companies need for their intellectual property. Converge can host any application in the Cloud and provide access to that application from anywhere in the world via virtual workstations (VDIs).

“The Converge mission is to work with customers to deploy the most ideal product development environment possible,” said Chad Garrish, COO of Converge.“ Leveraging the Cloud is a significant part of the equation for most companies. Converge also offers on-premise engineering workstations and servers, so that we can implement the most ideal overall environment for our clients.”

Read the full Dassault Systèmes article here

ABOUT Converge

We are a SOLIDWORKS Value-Added reseller, and through our partners, we deliver Certified SOLIDWORKS solutions across all industries. We wrap SOLIDWORKS products with a host of other services and solutions that provide a menu of options for optimizing your product development environment. Our solution set will empower remote workers, enable seamless collaboration, provide on-demand scaling, remove IT admin burdens, and eliminate the need for technology refreshes; together creating a powerful product development environment that will save you money and help you achieve better business outcomes. Work Different … Work Better

If you would like more information about the Converge approach, click here to send us an email.

SolidBox Customer Spotlight: Indmar

By Chris Smith | 2/15/2018

Working in the world of 3D-CAD is great because it's used to design such a wide variety of products. At SolidBox, we have worked with people designing everything from electric heating elements to mountain bikes, pizza ovens, and even monster trucks. Repeat SolidBox customer Indmar designs some of the best marine engines available...

Converge Invites SolidBox and EpiGrid Customers to Learn More About Our Cutting-Edge Solutions

By Los Angeles Business News | 2/06/2018

Converge would like to welcome the existing clients of SolidBox and EpiGrid to experience an entirely new style of SOLIDWORKS reseller that fully embraces the Cloud. With the same industry-leading service that you've come to expect from EpiGrid and SolidBox, we are now equipped to provide your entire design team with the tools they need to succeed. Call us today to discuss how we can optimize your CAD workflow. You can learn more in this article published in the Los Angeles Business News.

Converge Announces Launch of Company that Enables Leading Edge Product Development Environment by Leveraging the Cloud

By Mark Guthrie | 2/05/2018

Today Converge formally announces they are open for business. Converge provides services and products that enable an ideal product environment for increased productivity and reduced costs. Converge offers the complete line of SOLIDWORKS solutions and an extensive set of value-added products and services based on cloud computing...

EpiGrid Cloud Security

By Chad Garrish | 11/08/2016

Many people see the benefits of cloud computing. Performance, cost savings, and reliability are very compelling but what about the security of your data, your intellectual property? This can be the critical issue that stops a well-intentioned computing strategy that could reap big benefits. This is a valid concern and security needs to be examined closely. Not all cloud solutions are...Read more.

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