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Converge Events: Putting The V Back In VAR

By Chad Garrish | 9/18/2018

Well there’s a new value added reseller (VAR) in town and we feel your pain – We’re not just another training course.  Come hear how we’re putting the “V” back in “VAR”! We’re not your average Solidworks Value Added Reseller (VAR). Check out some of our recent events!

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM - Your Guide to the End-Of-Life of this Product

By Tanner Knight | 9/15/2018

We've had a love-hate relationship with the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM product since it's inception. This was a free product meant to address the issue of Data Management for users who did not have the need nor the budget for Enterprise PDM. Luckily, in SW2016, we were given an alternative to Workgroup PDM, called SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. This wasn't just a cursory name change. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard was a ground-up new software that was more of a defeatured version of PDM Pro (formerly Enterprise PDM since SW2016 as well) that operated on a Microsoft SQL database, which Workgroup PDM could not boast.

Clear Automation: Finalist for FANUC America's ASI Innovative System of the Year

By Chad Garrish | 9/14/2018

Clear Automation, a longtime Converge customer and proponent of CAD in the Cloud was named a finalist for FANUC America's ASI Innovative System of the Year award for 2018 for the Cosmetic Case Assembly robot. You can see their robot and some of the other finalists in the video below. We are honored to be a part of their operation through our Cloud-hosted products. Be sure to read the Customer Story we wrote about them if you'd like to learn more about how they leverage CAD in the Cloud.

Don’t Miss This Must-See Unveiling of SolidWorks 2019 Live!

By Chad Garrish | 9/12/2018

See What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019 Tune into YouTube or Facebook on September 12 at 11:00 AM EST to see the live unveiling of SOLIDWORKS 2019

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Top 5 Tips to Transform Product Design for Smarter Products

By Chad Garrish | 9/11/2018

The Journey Toward New Development Approaches

The emergence of smart, connected technologies is enabling unprecedented innovation. We have public trash cans that let trash collectors know when they need to be emptied. Pill bottles that remind you to take your medication. Complex machinery that notifies you when it needs servicing. The opportunities and growth potential seem limitless.

DDB Unlimited Customer Spotlight

By Chris Smith | 9/07/2018

DDB knew they had a great product. Since 1996 they’ve been making NEMA enclosures (made for protecting electronic and telecommunications equipment from the elements) that are backed by a 15-year warranty in an industry where 90-days to a year is the norm. You can’t stay afloat with that kind of warranty with anything less than an excellent product.

EpiGrid and DesignPoint Announce Exclusive Technology Partnership to Enable CAD in the Cloud

By Chris Smith | 9/01/2018
Today EpiGrid and DesignPoint announced a strategic exclusive partnership to provide CAD and PDM in the Cloud. DesignPoint is the first reseller of EpiGrid Cloud-hosted services with exclusivity in their SOLIDWORKS® territory. Despite EpiGrid’s national footprint, this partnership allows DesignPoint to be the exclusive provider of EpiGrid solutions to new and existing customers within their SOLIDWORKS territory. DesignPoint joins the ranks of other SOLIDWORKS VARs, like Converge, offering Cloud and hosting solutions to their SOLIDWORKS customers. This partnership will enable DesignPoint to deliver scalable hosted architecture and top-level security to their SOLIDWORKS users.

3Dconnexion Partners With Converge

By Chad Garrish | 8/11/2018


SpaceMouse Enterprise: Built for Engineering Performance

3Dconnexion has changed the way we model. All of us here at Converge think of our 3Dconnexion devices as extensions of our hands and fingers. This is no more apparent than when we're forced to model on someone else's computer without a 3Dconnexion device to rotate, make selections, select hot-keys, or change the view of the model. That's why Converge has partnered with 3Dconnexion to provide these same game-changing devices to our clients.

Converge Announces Premier Partnership with EpiGrid for Putting SOLIDWORKS® CAD & PDM in the Cloud

By Christopher Castle | 7/17/2018

Today Converge, LLC announces their acceptance as a Premier Partner with EpiGrid, LLC—establishing Converge as the first SOLIDWORKS® Value-Added Reseller to offer Cloud-hosted solutions and services nationally for the SOLIDWORKS portfolio. EpiGrid began offering Cloud-hosted PDM for SOLIDWORKS customers over six years ago. Soon after, EpiGrid added CAD in the Cloud using VDIs that could run on virtually any client (including general purpose desktop and laptop computers and even tablets) delivered through a private network to ensure security, user experience, and cost control. EpiGrid is changing their business model to an OEM provider of hosting and Cloud solutions and will only be sold through a partner sales channel. The alliance allows Converge to resell EpiGrid’s Cloud hosting for SOLIDWORKS CAD and PDM, as well as implementation and managed services.

The First National SOLIDWORKS CAD In The Cloud Provider (EpiGrid)

By Christopher Castle | 7/12/2018

Today Converge, LLC announces their strategic partnership with EpiGrid, LLC establishing Converge as the first SOLIDWORKS® Value-Added Reseller to offer Cloud-hosted solutions and services nationally for the SOLIDWORKS portfolio. With this premiere partnership, Converge assumes a direct relationship with legacy EpiGrid Customers nationwide.

EpiGrid is the pioneer of SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud, and CAD in the Cloud is central to Converge. Cloud-hosted PDM was first rolled out to SOLIDWORKS customers over 6 years ago, and GPU-enabled Cloud-hosted VDI (Virtual Desktop Instance) architecture followed more recently with the advent of Cloud technology from NVIDIA. 

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