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Converge Announces Premier Partnership with EpiGrid for Putting SOLIDWORKS® CAD & PDM in the Cloud

By Christopher Castle | 7/17/2018

Today Converge, LLC announces their acceptance as a Premier Partner with EpiGrid, LLC—establishing Converge as the first SOLIDWORKS® Value-Added Reseller to offer Cloud-hosted solutions and services nationally for the SOLIDWORKS portfolio. EpiGrid began offering Cloud-hosted PDM for SOLIDWORKS customers over six years ago. Soon after, EpiGrid added CAD in the Cloud using VDIs that could run on virtually any client (including general purpose desktop and laptop computers and even tablets) delivered through a private network to ensure security, user experience, and cost control. EpiGrid is changing their business model to an OEM provider of hosting and Cloud solutions and will only be sold through a partner sales channel. The alliance allows Converge to resell EpiGrid’s Cloud hosting for SOLIDWORKS CAD and PDM, as well as implementation and managed services.

The First National SOLIDWORKS CAD In The Cloud Provider (EpiGrid)

By Christopher Castle | 7/12/2018

Today Converge, LLC announces their strategic partnership with EpiGrid, LLC establishing Converge as the first SOLIDWORKS® Value-Added Reseller to offer Cloud-hosted solutions and services nationally for the SOLIDWORKS portfolio. With this premiere partnership, Converge assumes a direct relationship with legacy EpiGrid Customers nationwide.

EpiGrid is the pioneer of SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud, and CAD in the Cloud is central to Converge. Cloud-hosted PDM was first rolled out to SOLIDWORKS customers over 6 years ago, and GPU-enabled Cloud-hosted VDI (Virtual Desktop Instance) architecture followed more recently with the advent of Cloud technology from NVIDIA. 

10 Reasons Engineers Should Be Using The Cloud

By Chad Garrish | 7/07/2018

The engineering sector is dynamic - the industry may boom, or economies may lull, or projects may extend well over planned deadlines. These fluctuations in workload also mean fluctuations in workforce requirements as your demand for manpower and resources shifts from project to project. These factors can dramatically affect your own budgets and personnel pressures as your company grows and slows to accommodate. It makes sense then that you should have systems and processes that adapt and flex as your business needs do, without the walls buckling or bulging around you - and it is exactly this kind of dynamic business environment in which cloud computing can really shine.

Attention Mechanical Designers:  5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using The Cloud For CAD

By Chad Garrish | 7/05/2018

You use the cloud every day.  It has become commonplace. Email, phone apps…maybe even “industrial strength” business or technical software delivered over the cloud.

However, if you are like most engineering software users, you have your workstation under your desk or nearby on-premise.

How CAD in The Cloud Helped Rocket Mavericks to Soar Above the Clouds

By Chad Garrish | 7/05/2018

It takes just one conversation with Thomas Atchison to be infected with his passion for space. Thomas is the founder of Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the notion that space should be accessible to all humans, not just the government and commercial aerospace companies. Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation (commonly refered to as The Rocket Mavericks) was created with the idea to combine the resources of academia, amateur rocket enthusiasts and professionals from the aerospace industry to bring space exploration to the masses.

CAD and PDM Application Management

By Phillip Lewis | 6/25/2018

SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) is an incredible tool. PDM has been the focus of a large part of our business because we believe in its value so much. But the fact remains that PDM users account for only 20% of all SOLIDWORKS users. We still see it as the #1 underutilized tool in the entire SOLIDWORKS suite. And among those who have already invested in PDM, very often the implementation of it leaves something to be desired. Many companies limp along with misconfigured workflows, confusing file structure, etc., or worse yet, they get frustrated and abandon it altogether.

Converge's Private Cloud Solutions

By Phillip Lewis | 6/21/2018

We've given you an overview of CAD in the Cloud as it stands today. In this installment of our CAD in the Cloud blog series, we'll focus more on how Converge is leveraging the Cloud to emancipate SOLIDWORKS users from the local office.

This whole journey begins with SOLIDWORKS PDM (Product Data Management). If you're not familiar with SOLIDWORKS PDM, you should be. We evangelize the SOLIDWORKS PDM product every chance we get because it solves a lot of the issues revolving around managing the data that results from our work as designers and engineers. Duplicate files, missing files, files from mismatched SOLIDWORKS versions, you name it and we've seen it. SOLIDWORKS PDM solves these problems by housing all data in a central file vault with full revision control, and check-in/check-out functionality so that only one user at a time can make changes to any given file.

CAD in the Cloud Increases Performance and Relieves Administration Headaches

By Chad Garrish | 6/13/2018

Hosted CAD or PDM systems (what we call “CAD in the Cloud”) is an emerging technology that offers many advantages over traditional on-premise workstation CAD configurations, and is making many companies rethink how to deliver future CAD software solutions. Unlike previous CAD software that is typically loaded onto a local computer or laptop at your desk, CAD in the Cloud runs software over a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, or an internet browser on virtual machines with powerful graphics processors that are much closer to the central database itself. Not only does this result in a better performance value, it’s also easier to maintain and upgrade software from an administrator’s point of view.

Converge Welcomes Kathleen Wilson to the Team

By Tanner Knight | 6/07/2018
We would like to welcome Kathleen Wilson as the newest Converge family member. Kathleen joins Converge this month as our new Sales & Marketing Operations Manager. In this role, Kathleen will be coordinating all Converge live events, and she hopes to meet you at our Las Vegas, Bay Area, and Reno events on the west coast, or in Atlanta, Greenville, or Charlotte on the east coast.

CAD in the Cloud Overview

By Tanner Knight | 6/06/2018

In this blog series, we will discuss how SOLIDWORKS users are leveraging the Cloud. The Cloud is one of the cornerstones of Converge, and we've spent years pioneering CAD in the Cloud™. We'll first discuss what options are currently available that will free your office from the chains of the local server. Converge is the premier reseller of EpiGrid Cloud-hosted services, and we will discuss each available option more in depth.

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