Converge Customer Story: Clear Automation

Converge Customer Story: Clear Automation

By Chad Garrish | 5/04/2018

Company that Delivers Excellence in Automating Manufacturing Processes Optimizes Their Own Product Development Environment
Clear Automation is an innovator. Management realized their product development environment was lagging. They found a way to make a big leap forward and embrace the Cloud.


“Our success requires that we deliver innovative designs on-time and on budget; not our IT expertise,” said Franco Deblasio, CEO of Clear Automation. “We were spending too much effort, time, and money managing our IT infrastructure and it was still not flexible enough to meet our business needs. So, I started looking for alternatives to the status quo to better manage our SOLIDWORKS design environment.”

Clear automation had issues with:

Clear Automation is a leading robotic systems integrator specializing in flexible industrial automation techniques. Clear Automation’s key strengths include Industrial Robotics, Automation Design, Machine Vision, PLC’s, Line Tracking, and custom PC Applications which are deployed to assemble, inspect, label, laser mark, dispense, and package products.

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