Data Distribution for CAD Users: Part 4

Data Distribution for CAD Users: Part 4

By Tanner Knight | 10/03/2019

In the last blog post, we discussed Flatter Files. The next step in the data management marathon involves resource management. We're finding more and more small and medium businesses are adopting a Cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to manage the physical resources that allow the business to run. Again, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional has a connector that works with most ERP systems, so that problem is partially solved by built-in functionality. However, PDM workflows and processes don't grow on trees, as they say. Instead, companies are clamoring for a solution that fits within their existing CAD investment that allows them to collaborate more seamlessly with these internal and external stakeholders.

The solution to this ERP/PDM connectivity issue is most often a custom one. Custom solutions are not ideal, in that due to their very nature, they are not easily repeatable. This goes against our core beliefs at Converge of providing an out-of-the box, fully fledged Data Creation, Management, and Distribution solution. However, that doesn't mean that we aren't up for the challenge.

Converge works with several SOLIDWORKS PDM/ERP specialists to offer integration services for all major ERP systems. If you have an internal initiative to deploy an ERP solution, but are daunted by the notion of connecting your PDM vault to leverage all of the rich data your design team creates, then please contact us today to talk about it, and we'll begin crafting a solution that is lightweight, highly functional, and easy to work with.

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