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Private vs Public Cloud: Management of the Solution

By Tanner Knight | 7/01/2019

Last week in our series on Private vs Public Cloud, we discussed Security and Compliance. The final and most important part of the puzzle for EpiGrid when considering Public Vs. Private Cloud is the ability for Converge to manage not only the Cloud-host, but also the PDM Vault as well. With a Private Cloud, we're able to deploy, train, AND manage the vault seamlessly after the fact. Since EpiGrid owns the hardware and licensing at the host, instead of carving out virtual servers from a conglomeration of servers, we are able to manage the solution top to bottom, all while reducing the amount of time your design team spends on IT impediments.

Private vs Public Cloud: Security and Compliance

By Tanner Knight | 6/24/2019

This is the third post in our series on Public vs Private Cloud. We started with an overview and then delved into a comparison of pricing last week. Today we will look at the security and compliance that our private Cloud solutions for SOLIDWORKS offer. While we can't speak for what kind of security every public Cloud solution offers, I think it's safe to assume we won't be beaten in this regard.

One of the most important aspects of a Cloud-hosted solution is the necessity for it to be in compliance with any governing agency that has final approval of a given design. We strive to deliver a system that meets any compliance standard imposed on your organization.

Private vs Public Cloud: Pricing

By Tanner Knight | 6/17/2019

Last week we gave you an overview of the topic of Private vs Public Cloud. Starting with this post, we will now dive deeper into the differences between the two approaches over the next few weeks and give you an idea why we chose to go the private route.

Private vs Public Cloud (Spoiler: Private is Better)

By Tanner Knight | 6/10/2019

Here at Converge, we've adopted the Cloud as a means to facilitate collaboration and data distribution using our existing CAD tools, namely SOLIDWORKS. We provide and implement EpiGrid Cloud-hosted services to help you eliminate IT burdens when trying to solve the difficult problems of data management and collaboration. However, with a seemingly endless amount of Cloud providers, why should you choose EpiGrid over household names like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft's Azure, or even DropBox?

CAD & Data Management Review

By Tanner Knight | 5/30/2019
If someone asked if you have a documented engineering workflow, would you have an immediate answer? What if you were asked to locate every single SOLIDWORKS license in your organization and the user assigned to each asset? Maybe you could produce some answers after some hunting and hair-pulling, but luckily, Converge has a service specifically designed to address these and many other questions that might arise throughout the weeks, months, and years in your CAD department: our CAD and Data Management Review.

Click here to read about this unique service that provides you with a living document that provides answers to all questions anyone in your organization could have about your CAD infrastructure, assets, and users.

Sketch Blocks Part 8

By Matt Perez | 5/10/2019
It is finally here! All great things must come to an end and sadly our time with sketch blocks has run out. We covered a lot in these 8 videos from basics of creating a block, using them for kinematics in a part, their use in drawings and ending up here today. Our final topic goes into sketch blocks in an assembly layout sketch. Why? Because in a layout sketch we can apply a mass to our sketch block and run a motion study with it. This allows us to apply forces, springs and dampers, motors and gravity. It also opens up some result tools like plotting velocity of points to help plan out mechanical motion. So if you aren’t fed up with blocks yet and are craving some more follow along as we wrap up this series! You can use this SOLIDWORKS 2019 sample file.

Sketch Blocks 8

Sketch Blocks Part 7

By Matt Perez | 5/02/2019
Last week we looked at converting a complex drawing view into a block to help minimize the PC overhead during the design process. This week we're going to look at how you can use sketch blocks to work more efficiently within detailed drawings. Learn how you can save time by avoiding typing the same thing over and over.

Sketch Blocks 7

Sketch Blocks Part 6

By Matt Perez | 4/25/2019
Last week we wrapped up the use of mechanical blocks by checking out Instant3D and learning how we can move parts around in a part file like an assembly. Today we are going to shift gears a bit and take a look at converting a complex drawing view into a block to help minimize the PC overhead during the design process. Watch as we take a Ducati engine, create a drawing view, and convert that back into a block to use in a part file. If you have SOLIDWORKS 2019 and want to follow along with the video, you can use these sample files.

Sketch Blocks 6

Sketch Blocks Part 5

By Matt Perez | 4/18/2019

So far we have covered a good bit about blocks, but we aren’t done yet!  Now that we know how to make and use blocks for mechanical motion in sketches, lets take a look at Instant3D and the ability to move parts around in a part file.  We will talk about some of the pros and cons of this process and outfit you with the knowledge to apply it to your designs. This is the fifth video in our series on sketch blocks in SOLIDWORKS. If you aren't already familiar with sketch blocks, I recommend you start with the first video in the series. If you have SOLIDWORKS 2019 and want to follow along, you'll need this part file. Watch our latest tutorial and fire up SOLIDWORKS on a second monitor so you can follow along.

Phillip Lewis: SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer

By Tanner Knight | 4/16/2019

We're normally not the type to toot our own horn, but when one of Converge's very own achieves an accomplishment that's worthy of recognition, we want to share that with our clients. Recently, our technical team lead, Phillip Lewis, achieved the coveted designation of SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer. Equally as impressive is the fact that he was able to complete this respected achievement in just 10 months.

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