Private vs Public Cloud: Management of the Solution

Private vs Public Cloud: Management of the Solution

By Tanner Knight | 7/01/2019

Last week in our series on Private vs Public Cloud, we discussed Security and Compliance. The final and most important part of the puzzle for EpiGrid when considering Public Vs. Private Cloud is the ability for Converge to manage not only the Cloud-host, but also the PDM Vault as well. With a Private Cloud, we're able to deploy, train, AND manage the vault seamlessly after the fact. Since EpiGrid owns the hardware and licensing at the host, instead of carving out virtual servers from a conglomeration of servers, we are able to manage the solution top to bottom, all while reducing the amount of time your design team spends on IT impediments.

AWS, Azure, and any other option we've come across suffers from one important strike: they are application-agnostic, meaning that each platform may work for CAD, but it's not tailored specifically for CAD. EpiGrid was started by engineers, for engineers to leverage the latest Cloud technology to work with the highly complex tools of the trade. You don't want to spend your time developing a platform for your own CAD data management and distribution, so EpiGrid has gone ahead and done it for you.

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