SOLIDWORKS User Advocacy Day 2019

SOLIDWORKS User Advocacy Day 2019

By Tanner Knight | 11/12/2019

Here at Converge, we're proud to serve every one of our clients on a daily basis. When we were invited to participate in this year's SOLIDWORKS User Advocacy Day event at the SOLIDWORKS headquarters, we were given the daunting task of choosing one of the thousands of clients to participate with us. For the past 5 years, SOLIDWORKS has invited 20-30 members of the national community to participate in a day of networking and hobnobbing with SOLIDWORKS developers and executives. This year is the first year that SOLIDWORKS has invited a representative from each client's VAR to attend and help select the participant the event as well.

After much deliberation, we decided to invite our long-time customer, and all-around wonderful person, Lori Rollins from Morrison Textile Machinery. The history of Morrison Textile Machinery in Fort Lawn, SC is an interesting one, and Lori's role as IT Manager and CAD Administrator at Morrison is an inspiring story. We're excited to share with you the first article released by SOLIDWORKS about Morrison Textile Machinery and Converge's participation in this event. Keep your eyes peeled for a video featuring Lori and Tanner from Converge, as well as future posts about this event! Check out the full article on the SOLIDWORKS Blog.

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