SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration

Tips and Tricks


Phillip Lewis, one of the best PDM Admins in the country, walks us through many of his favorite PDM Admin tips and tricks. Some of the topics he covered include searching the vault, handling non-unique file names, searching all files checked out by a specific user, best practices for check-out/check-in, the 2019 Web Access redesign, creating tasks, and many more!

Most recently Phillip achieved the coveted designation of SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer. Equally as impressive is the fact that he was able to complete this respected achievement in just 10 months! Phillip has over 10 years of experience in the product design and development industry. He has worked on projects with several Fortune 100 companies in packaging design, consumer products, and medical device development. Phillip has also been a partner in developing one of his own patented inventions from conception to the consumer market. This includes being involved in all aspects of the design process from marketing to manufacturing.