Project Based Software Training

Over the years we have interacted with our clients and assessed their needs time and time again to arrive at the same conclusion: Project Based training is the best solution for software training and support. "What is project based training?", you might ask. Project based training is our method of training engineers and designers to use new programs or explore new functionality while they work on their current project. In some cases, there will always be a need for training that requires you to put work on hold and focus on the software and its functionality, but learning how to use a new software while working on your current project saves time and money in many different ways.

During a consultation, one of our experts will begin a one-on-one remote training session where we work on your project with you and teach you the functionality of the software to get the job done in the most efficient manner possible. We have the knowledge and experience to not only teach you the software, but also teach you how it can most efficiently be used to create designs that are easier to reference, control, revise and replicate. Our knowledge can also help you to set up your system to optimize your design processes with templates, libraries and automation.

Our experts work tirelessly to remain on the edge of innovation and stay current on all software functionality required to complete a design project from start to finish. We have a staff that is known for being the top resources in their respective fields and can help you take your department to the next level with everything from 3D renderings to Finite Element Analysis.

How do I get started? Simply contact us and give us your background and explain your needs and we'll determine which of our experts can best help you with your requirements. You can purchase a "Support Block" which is a prepaid block of training time to be used in 15 minute increments as needed. The Support Blocks never expire and our experts can usually schedule training sessions on short notice to help you as soon as problems arise. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Solid Works

SOLIDWORKS continues to be the leading software when it comes to CAD and Analysis and it is for that very reason we have go to great lengths to partner with SOLIDWORKS to deliver the best training and software support available today.

Here at Converge, we understand the value of the SOLIDWORKS Certification program. If you’re not familiar with the various SOLIDWORKS Certifications, take a second to familiarize yourself with each level here. 

Consultation for SolidWorks Simulation

Converge provides world class support and consultation for SOLIDWORKS Simulation. We’ve been at the forefront of the virtual Simulation trend since its inception. We can discuss any level of cooperation on your next Simulation, from simple guidance and advice to just handing us your model and parameters and let us take care of the whole thing, including reporting.

Consultation for SolidWorks Composer

SOLIDWORKS Composer is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to communicate your design intent in a number of clear and effective ways. If you’re looking to upgrade your marketing materials, or need a better way to communicate your ideas, we can set up a software demo or take on the entire project so you don’t have to.

Consultation for SolidWorks Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Electrical is relatively new to the SOLIDWORKS portfolio, but its value should be immediately apparent to anyone who designs electrical schematics or cable/wire routing for electrical systems. Give us a call to discuss how we can get you up to speed on SOLIDWORKS Electrical so you never have to leave the SOLIDWORKS interface for electrical designs.

Consultation for SolidWorks Plastics

Do you need help with your injection molds, or maybe some suggestions for designing plastic parts that keep the mold tools in mind? These are considerations that need to be taken when designing plastic parts. Let us take the guess-work out of your plastic part designs with consultation ranging from a simple plastic part workflow review/report to a comprehensive design and analysis based on your needs.

Consultation for All Things SOLIDWORKS CAM and CNC

Not only do we offer amazing CAD services, but we’re also just as excited about CAM and SOLIDWORKS CAM specifically. If you’re looking to invest in a CAM setup, you can trust our expertise when discussing your budget, parts, and the hardware requirements for your CNC machine.

Administrative Installation Images

Let Converge create a custom “Administrative Image” for your company. An Administrative Image will allow your company to quickly “push” an installation, or an update, of SOLIDWORKS across your entire company, complete with custom settings, templates, and correct file locations for referenced documents. You can easily save hours a month by using this technology.

Part, Assembly, & Drawing Templates

Unimpressed by the templates that come with SOLIDWORKS? Do you currently spend hours customizing SOLIDWORKS templates to meet your needs, only to find that you’re constantly “fixing” issues with your templates. The SolidBox team has over 35 years of combined SOLIDWORKS, engineering, drafting, and manufacturing experience. Let us create robust Part, Assembly, & Drawing Templates that harness all the power that SOLIDWORKS offers. We can create nearly full-automated drawings by using tools that are already available within SOLIDWORKS. Not only will your customers be impressed by the professional look of your deliverables, but you’ll save hundreds of hours each year.

Collaborative Environment Setup/Maintenance (Toolbox & Libraries)

Converge can assist you with the setup of your network environment to handle the shared resources required by multiple SOLIDWORKS users in a collaborative environment. We are experts in the most efficient ways to share data. From template directories to custom Toolbox installations, we have it covered. There’s no level of complexity we can’t handle when it comes to sharing data. Converge can work onsite or remotely to get your engineering team working together.

Material Libraries

Let’s face it, the standard material libraries that come installed with SOLIDWORKS are great, but they’re not made specifically for you. And what if you’re a mold-maker or Simulation analyst, how much time do you spend hunting for material properties to complete your model? We’ve been there! Converge is happy to offer a Material Library customization service.

Photo Rendering & Animation

Want to impress clients and close deals with powerful, engaging graphics and animations, but don’t have the time, resources or staff to do it? Converge can take your 3D models and create photo-realistic renderings and animations to help you make the most of your sales & marketing efforts.

Design Checker Customization

SOLIDWORKS’ Design Checker tool is perhaps one of the most overlooked tools within the program. Design Checker allows you to create a standard for all SOLIDWORKS documents and apply that against previous and future documents. Think of it as “Spell Check” for your designs. Converge can help you create a Design Checker standard for your documents, based on past, existing, and future standards. Converge can work onsite or remotely to get your Design Checker working for you.

SolidWorks Sustainability Tool Customization

Lately the term “Green” is used in almost every product sold in the market place today. Most customers say they prefer to buy a product that is made from sustainable materials and processes. For companies looking to differentiate themselves from their competition, it’s become a market-driven requirement to analyze the environmental impact of their products. In 2009 SOLIDWORKS created SOLIDWORKS Sustainability as part of the SOLIDWORKS Premium package. Sustainability works within SOLIDWORKS and allows you set parameters and get real-time feedback regarding the environmental impact of your design. Let Converge help you learn all the features within Sustainability. We can also help you customize the reports generated by this amazing tool.