We have the best job in the world—we take ideas and turn them into products that change the way people live and work. And sure, it’s our diverse talents—from industrial design and analysis to manufacturing and the software required—that allow us to deliver reliable, cost effective products for our clients. But it’s our unyielding drive to innovate that truly revolutionizes each product’s design. Just imagine what our team can do for you.


The transformation from idea to a profitable end product can be filled with a host of difficulties, from mere annoyances to debilitating pitfalls. At Converge, decades of product development experience has taught us how to assess the entire development process in order to boost success. Sure, our engineers are rooted in the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, but beyond that we understand how to deliver profitable solutions by combining cutting-edge technology with insight only experience can provide. The proof lies in the successful products we have helped create in industries such as medical devices, industrial machinery, consumer products, and more. From original concepts to reverse engineering, we develop strong relationships with our clients to firmly identify and meet the goals of your product design and development project.


Do you have an amazing product that is ready to move from the design phase to the manufacturing phase? Maybe you're not quite sure how or where to get that model made. We've spent the past decade searching for the best parts manufacturers throughout the US, so whether your parts would be best suited for conventional CNC, Plastic Injection Molding, Laser or Plasma cutting, Waterjet, 3D Printing, metal casting, or other manufacturing processes, we can source the ideal process to make your ideas and models a reality.

Data Management

We have been preaching the gospel of PDM (Product Data Management) for years, and if you've been trying to bring a PDM solution to your business, we've made it easier than ever. We can fully implement a variety of PDM products, giving you a secure vault for your design data with full revision control and versioning. We are experts and certified solutions partners for Autodesk & SolidWorks PDM Solutions. Converge also creates custom ERP to PDM connectors for SolidWorks PDM products and several boutique purpose built-in data management programs. Even if PDM isn't in your company's future, we can help implement custom workflows that are designed to save your engineers and designers time, as well as keep all of your design files in a neatly organized central location.


Converge is a value-added reseller (VAR) for the entire suite of SOLIDWORKS products. We can help you get up to speed with your new software by using your existing projects as learning. If you don't make chairs, we won't show you how to model one. We can teach you how to model or run simulations on exactly what applies to your business.


Very few engineering and design companies have the skills or personnel to successfully take a product to market. Most companies that require marketing services enlist the help of large marketing companies that can be expensive and have no skills when it comes to creating 3D renderings. What's worse? When engineering companies try to create their own marketing collateral without any understanding of modern graphic design techniques or marketing strategies. We have put together a marketing team that is extremely unique in that they have a fine tuned skillset in the areas of sales, marketing, graphic design and engineering. We can help create marketing collateral for your sales campaign or even put together presentations for acquiring investors in your next big idea before it has been designed or engineered.