What's Awesome in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Want to see what all the fuss is about?

Every year SOLIDWORKS introduces approximately 250 enhancements to its suite of products and every year SOLIDWORKS Resellers from across the country show off the highlights of those enhancements to their customer. Most of the highlighted enhancements are really great and they do provide some increases in productivity. But there are so many enhancements that go unnoticed as they're not as flashy and sexy as the ones that make the main stage. At Converge, we are real SOLIDWORKS users just like you. We use the software on a daily basis to get our jobs done. From here on out, we are committed to showing and teaching you how to use those truly revolutionary enhancements in SOLIDWORKS. You've seen the rest, now learn from the best! Watch our "What's Awesome: The Things You Really Wanted to Know" video series presented by the technical experts at Converge.