3D Modeling/cad pre processing

We have the best job in the world—we take ideas and turn them into products that change the way people live and work. And sure, it’s our diverse talents—from industrial design and analysis to manufacturing and SOLIDWORKS—that allow us to deliver reliable, cost effective products for our clients, but it’s our unyielding drive to innovate that truly revolutionizes each product’s design. Just imagine what our team can do for you.

Design Optimization

The transformation from idea to profitable end product can be filled with a host of difficulties—from mere annoyances to debilitating pitfalls. At Converge, decades of product development experience has taught us how to assess the entire development process in order to boost success. Sure our engineers are rooted in the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, but beyond that we understand how to deliver profitable solutions by combining cutting-edge technology with insight only experience can provide. The proof lies in the successful products we have created in industries such as medical device, industrial machinery,consumer products and more. From original concepts to reverse engineering, we develop strong relationships with our clients to firmly identify and meet the goals of your product design and development project.


Kinematics is a critical portion of mechanical design. Our staff at Converge has dozens of years of experience designing mechanical assemblies in SOLIDWORKS from the most basic parts to advanced machinery. With SOLIDWORKS tools like Sketch Blocks, Motion Studies, Assembly Mates, and contacts, we can evaluate mechanical motion before ever making a tangible part. SOLIDWORKS is always releasing new tools to help us digitally replicate advanced motion in the real world and better understand physical motion. Let us help perfect your mechanical designs digitally before taking you take the risk of prototyping.

finite element analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can reduce your time to market and make multiple iterations of prototypes obsolete. Let us help you find your product's weak points before you ever make your first prototype. Our expertise with SOLIDWORKS Simulation will save you time and money in product design and development.

computational fluid dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a powerful tool! But as with any good tool, it takes some real know-how to really leverage it. Our team has years of experience in multiple areas of CFD including external airflow analysis, thermal performance of electronics, pressure vessel studies, solar radiation, and more. At Converge we specialize in everything! Like all other CAD simulation tools, proper use of CFD more than pays for itself by reducing the need for multiple prototypes and helping you get your product to market sooner.

electrical/pcb design

In today’s market there is rarely a product that doesn’t involve some sort of electrical component. No project is too big or small for us. We are extremely knowledgeable in the design of electro-mechanical systems, PLC controls, Integrations, as well as ground-up software and electronics design. Whether we are leveraging our experience with PCB design, validating the thermal performance of your design, or integrating off-the-shelf parts, we’ve got you covered!

Design for Manufacturing

SOLIDWORKS has come a long way with their DFM tools and we know them all. Let our experience in not only design, but manufacture help you design parts with today’s complex processes in mind. We have the skills you need to help your company get the most out of your CNC machine, utilize the vast array of additive manufacturing processes, and program parts within SOLIDWORKS CAM. Our team is on the cutting edge of materials and the tools available for every level of production. We help our clients design for whatever tool suits their needs. From concept development, stop-gap production runs or full production parts, we can handle it all!