Converge is run by engineers for engineers. We're committed to the success of American design, engineering and manufacturing.


Converge is a comprehensive provider of all SOLIDWORKS products both desktop and 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform. We have a staff of designers and engineers with expertise in a multitude of fields in order to optimize your results including FEA, CFD, Electrical PCD Design and much more.

Data Management

We have perfected the art of data management and have pioneered solutions for companies of all sizes.  You won't find a better team to optimize your workflow.  Our proven proprietary implementation approach provides engineering best practices and workflows with immediate return on investment.

Professional Services

Converge has all your engineering services covered from training and implementation, to engineering design services as well as managed services for both CAD and IT needs.

Cloud Solutions

Converge offers a solution that allows you to continue using the tried-and-true CAD tools that you love, while moving aspects of the design workflow to the Cloud. We call this hybrid approach a SHaaS model - Software HOSTING as a Service.

Software Training

Converge offers both project based training as well as curriculum based. Our approach to training is unique.  Whenever possible we will design training around your own models and challenges. We train you while you work.

Technical Support

With our staff of certified SOLIDWORKS professionals, we're ready to tackle any technical issue your organization may encounter. 

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