Whatever your professional services needs may be, Converge can help.

I Need Training

Converge offers project-based training in addition to the more standard curriculum-based software training.  There will always be a need for training that requires you to put work on hold and focus on the software functionality, but we believe learning how to use the software while working on your current project saves time and money in many different ways.

I Need Implementation Support

Using an adequately implemented PDM system, users can control file editing, approvals, data history, and more. Implementing functioning PDM vaults and CAD in the Cloud is one of our specialties. We support our clients from beginning to end, incorporating user training and use cases with customer data throughout the implementation. Properly managing your CAD data enables a team to collaborate and win together.

I Have an Engineering Design Challenge

Converge works with engineering service providers around the country and utilizes our proficiency in Cloud services to bring our customers the best engineering services available. 

How Can I Optimize Our CAD System

Most customers design products but are not as well versed in managing the CAD environment. Our CAD Managed services allow our customers to focus on designing products while ensuring that your system is running efficiently.  

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