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We have sourced the top experts in their respective fields to deliver to you the ultimate design and development experience.

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Chad Garrish
Sr VP, Co-Founder
Gainesville, Georgia

Chad is the Founder and CEO of EpiGrid, a managed private cloud solution provider, and Edge Innovative Solutions (EIS), an Engineering Product development services firm based in Gainesville, Georgia. Chad is an accomplished product designer and SOLIDWORKS and PDM professional, holding 5 patents in various industries ranging from medical devices to industrial equipment. Using his experience and knowledge in engineering process, data management, regulatory compliance and IT infrastructure solutions, Chad leads EpiGrid to help companies of all sizes from around the world solve their workflow, collaboration and IT challenges.

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Kyle Ragsdale
SOLIDWORKS Director of Sales
San Francisco, California

Kyle has over 25 years of software sales experience. He is an expert in both direct and reseller sales of ERP/MRP, CAD, Analysis, Data Management, SaaS, Cloud, and Virtualization software across diverse industries and with businesses of all sizes. He is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional with 12 years of SOLIDWORKS experience. Kyle was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia and attained a degree in Business Administration from Lee University in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He’s lived in San Francisco, California for the past 20 years. Kyle has been married to his wife Radhika for 12 years and together they have a 9-year-old son. Kyle is a passionate advocate of health and fitness.

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Tanner Knight
Regional Director
Salt Lake City, Utah

Tanner Knight, a Converge team member from the start, heads up the Western region. Originally a professional musician, Tanner entered the manufacturing and design world as a writer, bringing his creative skills to the amazing products and services SolidBox provides.

Tanner quickly learned the software of our trade, SOLIDWORKS, and ascended through the CSWA, and CSWP exams in a few short years. He recently attained the level of CSWE.

With a firm understanding of the tools of the trade, Tanner has turned his focus to the fine-tuning all aspects of the CAD and CAM infrastructure. As the Western Regional Director for Converge, Tanner looks forward to finding solutions for all your CAD and CAM needs.

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Brad Hassell
Technical Account Manager
Daleville, Virginia

A motivated, dynamic, and creative problem solver, Brad has nearly 15 years of experience in several industries including large mobile hydraulic equipment, research tools, consumer electronics, business tool development, and analytics. His most recent experience includes 6 years as an application and custom design engineer working closely with customers to find solutions to their unique needs. Brad's experience has helped him to refine and find creative applications for lean process, design for manufacture, and practical machine and system design. A degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia tech, a diverse 17 years of CAD experience, and hands-on hobbies in the automotive fabrication and mechatronics genres converge to give Brad a strong repertoire and innovative approach to project definition, concepting, and implementation regardless of size or scope.

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Phillip Lewis
Technical Account Manager
Suwanee, Georgia

Phillip has over 8 years of experience in the product design and development industry. He has worked on projects with several Fortune 100 companies in packaging design, consumer products, and medical device development. Phillip has also been a partner in developing one of his own patented inventions from conception to the consumer market. This includes being involved in all aspects of the design process from marketing to manufacturing. Phillip is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from Auburn University.

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Oun Chau
Field Representative
Fayetteville, Georgia

Oun has over 4 years of experience as a mechanical designer in the product design industry. In addition to being a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional and Product Data Management Professional, Oun has combined this experience with his knowledge of software development, system infrastructure, and systems administration to tackle the unique technical challenges of offering DaaS and IaaS tailored to the needs of the engineering/CAD market.

Oun is also a Certified DRIVEWORKS Professional who specializes in the deployment and administration of DRIVEWORKS systems across cloud hosted infrastructures.

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Kathleen Wilson
Sales & Marketing Operations Manager
Boston, Massachusetts

Kathleen is a strong professional team leader who has 20+ years of experience in sales and service oriented environments. She is recognized for strong project and account management, as well as building and maintaining solid customer relationships. Kathleen provides sales, marketing, administrative and operational support to our small but dynamic multi-brand team.

She has definitely earned the nickname "GG" (the glue girl)!