Converge Announces Premier Partnership with EpiGrid for Putting SOLIDWORKS® CAD & PDM in the Cloud

Converge Announces Premier Partnership with EpiGrid for Putting SOLIDWORKS® CAD & PDM in the Cloud

By Christopher Castle | 7/17/2018

Today Converge, LLC announces their acceptance as a Premier Partner with EpiGrid, LLC—establishing Converge as the first SOLIDWORKS® Value-Added Reseller to offer Cloud-hosted solutions and services nationally for the SOLIDWORKS portfolio. EpiGrid began offering Cloud-hosted PDM for SOLIDWORKS customers over six years ago. Soon after, EpiGrid added CAD in the Cloud using VDIs that could run on virtually any client (including general purpose desktop and laptop computers and even tablets) delivered through a private network to ensure security, user experience, and cost control. EpiGrid is changing their business model to an OEM provider of hosting and Cloud solutions and will only be sold through a partner sales channel. The alliance allows Converge to resell EpiGrid’s Cloud hosting for SOLIDWORKS CAD and PDM, as well as implementation and managed services.

Converge offers the complete SOLIDWORKS product line and offers additional products and services to enable the most efficient product development environment. Converge embraces the Cloud, while also understanding there is a place for on-premise computing. Cloud computing offers a new way for engineering and manufacturing companies to develop products, allowing them to focus on design instead of IT infrastructure. Converge offers all SOLIDWORKS products and combines those with a host of other services and solutions providing a menu of options for optimizing a company’s product development environment and a single point-of-contact to make sure everything works.

EpiGrid is the SOLIDWORKS PDM and CAD Cloud hosting expert. Their private Cloud implementation offers companies the security they need for their intellectual property while also providing predictable costs. The Cloud environment is fully managed by EpiGrid, so on-site IT and CAD admin are not needed. Offsite servers can be configured with multiple cores and NVDIA GPUs

"“Companies have moved other computing functions to the Cloud but many have been hesitant with their product design environments. With the security available using a Private Cloud and the state-of-technology, this is changing. Converge has the right people on the bench with real world experience and they fully embrace the cloud—they are an ideal partner for us as we migrate to the OEM model. We welcome Converge to the growing number of partners who are reselling our Cloud-hosted solutions for SOLIDWORKS.”

- Chad Garrish, COO Converge

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"CAD and PDM in the Cloud are pillars for Converge. EpiGrid has been leading the charge for SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud for years. Partnering with EpiGrid allows us to provide the most cutting-edge Cloud technology specifically for SOLIDWORKS users, with proven Cloud-hosted solutions for CAD and PDM.”

- Christopher Castle, CEO Converge



Click here to learn more about how EpiGrid has brought SOLIDWORKS to the Cloud.

About Converge 

Converge offers a new SOLIDWORKS reseller experience. Our mission is to work with you to deploy the most ideal product development environment for your company. Cloud-computing is a game-changer, and we know how to leverage it for you. We are a SOLIDWORKS Value-Added Reseller, and through our partners, we deliver Certified SOLIDWORKS Solutions across all industries. We wrap SOLIDWORKS products with a host of other services and solutions that give you a menu of options for optimizing your product development environment. Our solution set will empower remote workers, enable seamless collaboration, provide on-demand scaling, remove IT admin burdens, and eliminate the need for technology refreshes; together creating a powerful product development environment that will save you money and help you achieve better business outcomes. For the latest news, information, or to contact us go to

About EpiGrid 

EpiGrid enables Cloud computing for engineering applications with VDI access from anywhere from any device, including thin clients. EpiGrid deployments are implemented with a private Cloud. A private Cloud offers control, security, and persistence which gives the user a regular desktop experience. EpiGrid can deliver a hybrid, seamless engineering computing environment that is reliable, secure, economical, and optimized. For the latest news, information, or an online demonstration, please contacts us at

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